Starting with God

2016 is gone…

How time flies…
Now it’s 2017.

A fresh start of a fresh year.

Will you decide to begin this year with God?

With God by your side, things will surely go smoothly and I believe that’s what we all long for.

Living life without fears, though fear will always arise but God promised us to ‘be of good cheer because he has overcome the world’ John 16:33
A lot of new year resolutions, plans, goals on ground. It’s good, but without God they would be a waste of time and (human) effort.
Will you be faithful and humble enough to walk with God this year as he helps you to  work out your plans and heart desires?

Proverbs  13:20 – He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.(KJV)

Who you plan with(whether God, Godly advisers/mentors, your friends) and your plans determines what would be of your academics, spiritual life, emotional life, physical/social life and other aspects of your life after the end of 2017.

Goal setting with the wisdom of God and determination to work it out helps a lot coupled with God’s unlimited grace.
It’s not too late to rewrite your plans if you have done it with your own wisdom, ask God to give you a picture of what he would have you do in 2017, seek to know what the mind of Christ is and how to go about the plans.
It’s important you pray and remain faithful to God as you work towards a glorious and fulfilled 2017.
Wish you success in 2017!!!


2 thoughts on “Starting with God

  1. Nice write up, we all came into year 2017 with a fixed asset who is God and a capital which is our mind. Our profit at the end of the year will be determined by our labour to make use of the year.

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