Let’s Talk About God and His Attributes 

God is good. He’s not partially good but he’s goodness.
He’s so good that his own character is the standard by which he’ll righteously judge the world. His goodness is not merely an internal attribute, and because he’s good, he does good.

God is the God of grace; this explains that God has called us unto his eternal glory

Truth be told, none of us deserves salvation. Merit or good works or faithfulness do not abound where grace does. Salvation is the abounding grace to abounding sinners.

If there is an attribute of God that is popular with even non-Christians, it is the love of God. But even the love of God is widely misunderstood.

God is love, and he is able to direct, apply, and sustain his love entirely, independent of the standards and actions and philosophies of men. God’s love, when properly understood, is just as awesome and fearful as his holiness or wrath.

Because love is an attribute of God, his love is as infinite and eternal as his person and existence is.

But an infinite, everlasting love inescapably implies other aspects to God’s love also. If his love is eternal, then it must also be unconditional, because we weren’t present to earn or touch or plead for God’s love in the past. And if God loves unconditionally, he must also love sovereignly; he chooses whom to love and how to display his love for them.

Most precious of all, if God loves infinitely, unconditionally, and sovereignly, then he must love immutably. This means his love does not change, neither does it wax or wane with the tides and emotions of humanity or history.

God’s love is forever! Dear reader, rest in the unchanging, sovereign love of God for you today.

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