My Boyfriend Hits Me But I Still Love Him

“Then break up with him!” I replied sternly

“You know it’s not possible, I don’t know…” She paused. “I still love him” she finally said

“I see” I said calmly

Let’s talk about dating

Dating at teenagehood is like cooking dinner at 8am. It is a wrong timing. Teenagehood is a phase to be treasured, instead of letting your emotions robbed or disturbed by some unnecessary activities. The girl in question is 18years. She is legally an adult, I hope you know so? Although there is a clause “teen”, She is eighteen years.

She walked up to me and explained what had been going on between her and her boyfriend

Her boyfriend is also young, he is 20years. He loved her from the onset; I don’t know how true that is, but she said so.

After 2months of being together, he had hit her, because they got into an argument.

These points I highlighted here are things you can picture in your mind.

1 Cor 13:4-8 tells us the qualities of love. A boyfriend who hits you, needs to learn a lot about his temperament. Perhaps he has anger issues, jealousy, which shows his level of maturity and how much he knows God.

“I know he has anger problems. As a matter of fact, he gets depressed after hitting me” she gave another answer

“So if I may ask, how many times has he hit you?”

“Erm” she stammered

“How long have you been dating?” I asked further

“April, this year” she replied quickly

“Baby girl! I need to tell you the truth. A boy who loves you would be patient enough to correct your mistakes rather than hitting you.

Look! You are precious and beautiful. You have to say NO to his emotional trauma.

Do you even know that the more he hits you, the more you reduce you chances of becoming a confident woman.”

She raised her eyebrow and stared at me.

“Yes! You are always scared of doing some things in his presence, so you don’t get hit. Am I lying?”

She nodded her head.

“You see… You would suffer a lot of emotional trauma.

Your self esteem would be low and you would feel inferior to your friends and to him.

She kept nodding at every statement I made

“Okay! Do I still need to tell you to breakup with him?”

“Hmm… What if he changes? He has started managing it” she said, itching her hair

You can’t manage his anger problem for him. You need to help him realize him hitting you is bad. If he is truly depressed as you claim he is, he would find a way to manage his temper. If he truly loves you, he would come back for you.

She sighed.

I smiled a little, and hoped it helped her. I also hope it helps anyone reading this who might be going through same.

Save your heart today.

Say NO to emotional trauma!

Much love!

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