You Can Still Win

My dear,

I am writing this letter to you to assure you of the better days ahead. I know we have never met, likely would never meet, but my heart needs to send this piece to you. Life is full of clouds in form of stairs; on sunny days they are fairer, you would likely not see them comfortably. On rainy days, they look thick, and might obstruct the birds in the sky on such days. Our lives are full of such clouds- very light, very thick, very white, all that matters is we have to keep flying as the eagle bird.

Forgive my manners, I am yet to ask how you have been coping with life. Are you able to talk calmly to life on stormy days as a matured man would when his wife wrongs him? How about you showing appreciation to life when the garden is fruitful? So, how are you? I heard you cried last night, you slammed the door behind you and wanted the world to come to an end.
I heard how you insulted your dad, because he was unable to pay your acceptance fee before the school’s portal closed.
I saw you display hatred towards Mary because you heard she gained admission to the University.

I wanted to talk to you yesterday, but I realized it would be better to hold my few words in my heart. I wanted you to sit and think about life as a whole. Why there are different colors to it and different days in a week. Although, I was pained hearing you cry from the balcony, all I could do was pray for you, and hope you realize that hating, crying and insulting won’t change what has happened. My dear, you can always win, even if you failed this time. Life has not come to an end, pick up all that’s left for you and run the race.

I need you to stand firm and embrace yourself. Nobody has a perfect journey, even Christ had struggles. Remember, he cried and prayed, wishing that he would not die. To be honest, I have my own struggles, family, relationship, goals, work. I wake up seeing them stare at me each day, they move all around with me, but that would not make me give up on life. Have you ever thought of those who look up to you even in your failure?
You are unique, and extraordinary. Daddy couldn’t pay for the acceptance fee because his company didn’t pay his salary, you don’t need to hate him. Don’t get depressed.

I have a lot to say to you, maybe that’s why I have decided to reach out to you in this letter. Perhaps, you are in my shoes, you are scared of what the new year holds in its hands for you. Take a break from your headache and stress, write your perfect story of how you want to be, draw that picture of you in your dress and castle, snap that picture because you are a celebrity.

Forget about the failure, it is past. You have a mental count of people who hate you, let them be. Greet them, love them as Christ loves the church. I will conclude my letter here, but never forget this, we are children of God, we are the light of the world, we have a greater force and can make things happen even if the devil hates it. Live in the authority of a believer hence forth, talk like a winner, think as one and work towards winning.
I’ll love to see you win.

Always know that I love you.
Olayemi cares.

How has the year been for you so far? You can share with me in the comments below. I hope this post stirs up something in you.

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