Are You Born to Win?

Your mission into this world is to win over every challenges that comes your way.
You are not ready to have a record with failures.
You are ready to be prone to success.
You are ready to be aligned with winning.

All your actions and dealings are directed to winning.
You see yourself as second to none
You always want to be ahead of your contemporaries.

All aforementioned expressions are what you wanted.
The question is “How have you worked towards achieving them?”
Are you tirelessly putting all efforts together to make them materialize?
Are challenges surmountable to you?
Are you always tired of taking new steps to attain your heights?

Do you always sit in the quiet corner of the room to brood over your journey on the road to winning?
Do you always take a second out of 24 hours to evaluate your progress towards Winning?
Do your thoughts relate to winning?
Do your daily dealings relate to that of a winner?

Do you read books written by winners?
Do you learn from your past mistakes?
Do you think twice before making a move?
Do you, at the end of each day, evaluate your activities of the day and see if it is towards winning?

With all these “DO YOU” can you really term yourself as “BORN TO WIN”?

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