Letter to Mum and Dad

Dear Mum and Dad,

I trust you are doing fine
And I hope everyone else also is?

Here, my letter is directed to you
I have been instructed by my heart
To relay this message to you

I remember seeing Bola crying in school today
I asked what the problem was
She said her parents just got a divorce
I could see the pain in her eyes
The fears in her heart
Were visible to my eyes

I could see the anger in her heart
I could imagine seeing her mum
Packing out of the house

And at that moment, I could imagine
Seeing Bola’s legs fail her
Causing her to fall

During lunch, I saw Segun
wrapped up in a corner crying
He said his dad has been absent from home for weeks

Dolapo said her dad hits her mum
And also did it during breakfast today

Bimpe said she planned to tell her mum
About the boy disturbing her in the street
But she rarely sees her except at night
When she has to open the gate for her

And last night, she tried telling her
But was ignored by a wave of hand
And an excuse of being tired
I felt tears welled up in my eyes

As I listened with rapt attention
I felt the world crumble

As the pain pierced my heart
My heart tells me to beg you:

To think of us before taking decisions
We are not asking you to endure wrong things
Rather, we want you to work things out
We are not asking you to quit that job
But please, make out time for us

We want to feel loved
We can’t perceive the love outside
If we do not have a firsthand experience at home

Please, receive this letter
Just as it has been sent by my heart

A concerned teenager

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