Tips to Help Menstrual Cramps

I would love if this were a letter, nonetheless I chose to write this so you can feel as though I’m right before you.

It is a good thing that you have started menstruating, after your earnest prayers to God that you see that red stain before your 13th birthday, it is really a wonderful news. I hope your mum killed a life chicken to celebrate this, my mum never killed anything life to celebrate mine, though she had a motherly smile reflected on her face.

As much as you love this feeling, you hate the fact that it shows up with so much pain? It is so painful that you skip schools during your cycle?

Uh… I am sorry about that.

Finally, Nurse Yemi who manages a chemist shop at the junction told you there is a cure for your cramps. Delighted at this, you told her you would gladly buy the drug at any amount, as you would run home to tell your mum.

She told you it is not as expensive as you think, although you would have to get a bottle of dry gin so she can prepare the herbs for you. She told you it is efficient compared to other drugs that you have always used.

Should I tell you the truth?

It is wrong!

Apart from the fact that gin is an alcohol, gin has no pharmacological effect on menstrual pain.

Here is a method to help your cramps:

  • You should study your cycle carefully, essence of this is to help you know when the next month’s flow would be.
  • Make use of hot or warm water during your cycle, drink it from time to time
  • Apply a warm water compressor on your abdomen, this would prevent blood clotting
  • These are just a few tips to help you prevent or reduce menstrual cramps. Note, it is not the cure for menstrual pain.

Much love!

How do you deal with menstrual cramps? Care to share? The comments box is open. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a single post.


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