It Begins With You

  1. Kelvin didn’t quite bother about his fiancé’s being overweight until she constantly spoke of it, thinking she was trying to justify her looks.

  2. Ella never bothered about Sam’s ‘big head’ until he occasionally talked about it, only then did she take note of his owning a large head.

  3. Andrew never cared about her somewhat masculine look until she began to speak of it, only then did he begin to look at her like he would a bro.

Until you place value on your body and treat it like a finely tuned machine, no one will. How do you expect me to see you as a beauty when the owner of that entity doesn’t see any good in itself?

Personally, I used to not like my forehead. I would think it’s little protrusion (ogor) was weird. It made me shy. People never talked about it nor took note of it until I sometimes spoke of it. In that period, I discovered that I gave these people the power to talk about it. I permitted it because I owned it but wasn’t proud of it, how then did I expect a person who isn’t connected to it to speak well of it? There’re times when a person would respond “Yes. It’s there but looks good on you”, but still I would insist it’s not. 

We sometimes insist on things like this, maybe thinking we’re trying to justify ourselves or make the matter light. No! We’re not!

With time, I discovered how unique it was and decided to take my attention away from it and paid more attention to other parts of my body and rocked it with so much joy (putting hairstyles into consideration too. Lol). Only then I realized that what we really worry about is sometimes not worth the time and energy. There are a lot in my body to be thankful for. You have so much in your body to be thankful for that can never be compared with the parts you don’t really like.

How do you expect me to walk confidently with you when you do not walk with confidence yourself?

How do you expect me to place value on you when you have little or no value on the place that houses your soul?

Don’t you think it’s way too dangerous?

Until you place value on you, no one will. Be confident enough to say that, “It is either they accept me the way I am or they don’t. PERIOD!”

Do not force you to stay were you’d be made jest of (how do you even give someone the power to do this?). Create your circle and stay there!

I don’t think you owe anyone apology as to why you walk around with such weight, you should lose some of those pounds simply because you think it’s healthier to do so and not to please no one.

Thing is, people always have their personal opinion on how a perfect body should look, and whether or not you want to hear it, they’ll tell you anyway. However, the only opinion that should matter to you should be the one you attach much importance to, and is rightly in line with your finding peace and staying happy.

With the way and manner you carry yourself, would you want to respect you if you weren’t you?

Forget about surgeries, pills and creams, instead, look within you and beyond what you see and have every reason to admire you.

Have a healthy and personal reason for working on any part of your body, just for you, not because of its general notion.

Wake up every morning and find reasons to wanna hug you, because truly, no one can love and respect you beyond the level of love and respect you place on yourself.

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