Letter to My Son | by Olowu Festus

Dear Son,

I’m sorry that I haven’t replied you since the last letter you wrote concerning people walking in and out of your life and also your affection towards the opposite sex that has always kept you in the cage of Lust, thereby creating a bridge between you and your creator.

Well, I’m happy that you could open up to me as your Father. It gives me joy that you didn’t forget your source. Also, I’m glad that your sapiosexual nature has given you an edge in choosing good friends. Not withstanding, as a teenager, there are some lessons I need you to learn and I want you to keep them close to your heart. It will be useful for generations yet unborn.

It is normal to see people walk in and out of your life. For everyone that walks into your life, walked in because you gave them a chance. There is a mission to be accomplished in your life, either good or bad. You have the power to wisely control whoever comes into your life to create an impact. 

Once this impact is made, some leave because their story in the chapter of your life is over. It doesn’t mean they are bad people, it just means that their mission is accomplished.

Don’t try to hold them back! Also, don’t get angry when people whom you thought should love you back and stay with you walk away. They aren’t meant to be on the journey of greatness with you in the first place.

I write from the depth of my heart under the leading of the comforter (Holy spirit) to tell you that it’s normal to get hurt in relationships but don’t let them define who you are. You are a king in the making, a man of valor. Always remember this.

Concerning your affection for the opposite sex, it’s also normal because God placed it there. But we need good guidance to channel our feelings in the right way. Remember that evil communication corrupts good manners. Firstly,you have to define each relationship you have with anyone, male or female. If she is a course mate, she must remain a course mate. No other strings attached. If she is a  church or fellowship  member, then let her stay at that level. This will help you stay away from every lust of the flesh

A friend once told me one day that “No one commits sin alone, he needs a fellow human being to commit the sin”. This is true in most cases. Someone must get you angry, make you steal, make you lie, etc.

So, to avoid the gratification of the flesh, it is necessary to define each relationship. Also, get more intimate with friends of the same sex who shares the same mind, principles and ideas with you, mostly same religion.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend~ Proverbs 27:17

Friends that share the same moral and scriptural values with you will always sharpen you. A sharpened mind is an Effective mind.

My son, always remember who you are in Christ (1 Pet.2:9). Abide in Him (Christ) and He (Christ) will abide in you. Always keep in touch. Miss you and I love you


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