God’s Got You!

God’s got You
In times when all seems down and out, God’s got You
When all that’s ahead seems foggy, God’s got You
When it all seems to be heading for the rocks, God’s got You

The only help in times of trouble has always been God
The only way to turn to in times of crisis is just God
The only pillar to rest upon in times of downfall is still God

Before birth, He knew you
While in the womb, He watched you
While growing, He kept you
Where you are today, He’s the secret

Life’s tempests may billow upon you and you think you’ll drown
Life may come crashing in unexpectedly and you think it’s over
Life’s journey may seem uncertain and you are thinking of taking a turn

I want you to know that
He who formed you has got You
He who cared for you has got You
He who holds the future has got You
No need to worry, only Plan
God’s got You.

No need to tremble, take heart, God’s got You.
No need to panic, just have Faith,God’s got You.
The journey isn’t for the swiftest but for those whom God shows mercy.

God’s got You

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