The True Essence of Adolescence

Adolescence is from the Latin word adolesere, meaning to Grow Up. 

This the transitional period of physical and psychological development between childhood and maturity. It begins with the onset of physiological normal puberty, and ends with an adult identity and behavior. This period of development corresponds roughly with the period between the ages of 10 and 19 years of age, which is consistent with the World Health Organization’s definition of adolescence.

This is the period between pre-teen and adulthood, the period where the body experience certain changes and requires you to fit into these changes.  This is the phase where most of us began secondary/high school and graduated before the end of it. It is also the period of our lives where we took note of the opposite sexes.

That time where we made certain decisions and became responsible for most of our actions. Yes! That period.

Like the essence of being able to learn how to sit, crawl, stand, walk and strive to talk is attributed to the period of babyhood, and the ability to own a job/source of income, build a family, be responsible for many things is associated with adulthood, so also is the period of adolescence associated with certain characteristics and importance.

Most of us missed the true meaning and activities of this period while others knew little or nothing about it. Thank goodness for the Teen seeing this. 

The following are the true essence of the period of adolescence. It is the time you: 

1. Get to discover and explore your gifts/talents

Please note that there is a clear difference between talent and ambition. What I’m referring to here is that which you have in you and oozes out with very little effort (like a default mode).

You see a growing child who just love to dance and would catch up very quickly when taught and worked on;  he/she does it with this joy from within. You see another child who just loves to put broken things together, he just finds this joy in fixing whatever broken thing he finds in and around the house. You see some other child who would just find him/herself singing at any given opportunity- itches to join one music group or  the other.  These instances scream Talent!

Ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something. Talent is a natural aptitude (a natural ability to do something) or skill.

2. Genuinely have a belief system, as well as being at peace with yourself spiritually

If you are a Christian, do you believe in God, the existence of life after death, or you’re one because you were born into a Christian home and your folks made sure you went to church? Own a genuine belief system and hold on to it. Believe in it and employ means to stay connected to it at all times.

3. Learn to be goal orientated

What is life without having something you’re constantly working on achieving, ehn? If there are no written down goals that you work on achieving, what drives you daily?

The onset of adolescence is the period when you begin to set attainable goals, not writing down stuff you wish to happen but you know very well that is unattainable. You might want to start with short term goals like, “This chapter of Chemistry must be completed by me latest by Wednesday next week” including a strategy “The chapter can be completed by spending 1hour 30 minutes on it every night” and of course including a proof as well “I should be able to answer any question asked on this topic anytime and day I’m asked”.

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4. Know exactly what you want in life, turning it into ambition and setting goals accordingly

It is no News that most adolescents have no idea about what they wish to be known for, like, when my name is mentioned anywhere, what should come to the minds of people? Do I want my name to be synonymous with science? If yes, what part of science? Is it Engineering? Medicine? Architecture? If it’s medicine, what am I doing about it? Am I in the right class? I’m I in an art class because all my friends are here or because it is honestly what I want?

As a teenager/adolescent, you should be able to say exactly what you want in a single sentence without mincing words.

5. Have a savings account

This doesn’t necessarily have to be in a bank. You could start by owning a piggy bank or even a box where money can only go in but can’t come out unless you are ready to dismantle the box. Set a financial goal on how much you want to own by the end on every year, as well as a strategy on how to achieve that. You’d be so proud of you at the end of each year. This money could be taken to the bank after a while.

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6. Genuinely fall in love with something with deepness

Analyze your list of hobbies and tactically pick one dear to you and fall deeply in love with it. This could be writing; you could start by keeping a journal. It could be reading; you might want to begin by reading stuff you find interesting, and in a short time, you’ll notice how much you love books in general. It could also be music or random stuff. All I’m saying is, have something you honestly love and becomes an intricate part of you.

7. Read books

Read books in their numbers. Good books. Like my dad would always say “Reading Maketh A Full Man”.

I don’t believe that there are mountains anyway, what you don’t know- ignorance- becomes the mountain.

Information (right information) is power, and this power can be gotten not by sitting before the TV and letting valuable time fade away nor chatting time away on your gadgets.

Invest quality time and money on books, and you’ll be surprised at how much you know in a short time. I forever have my dad to thank for this; he literally made me read books as far as I can remember. So much that at a point, I couldn’t be me if I wasn’t on one novel or the other making my own personal bookshelf quite early.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dear teen, in the freshness of the second quarter of the year, you might want to reschedule the remaining part of the year and make the most of what is left.

I hope you got something from this and the year has been productive for you so far? Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post. 


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