God Listens

Even in the midst of life’s turbulent storms
In the deepest mires of fear and anxiety
When all hope seem lost and gone
When your heart is troubled
And it seems like it is all over

When it looks like that admission needs be deferred
Because funds seem afar
And life is unfair;
Rude and interrupting

Even in those moments
Of your anguish and pain
When you quietly soak your pillow in tears

And those times you need counsel
But you are all alone
With no one to comfort

God knows
God hears
God listens

He says He KNOWS His plans for you
He didn’t say He THINKS
Rather, He KNOWS

He hears your quiet cries and hushed sobs
He hears how fast your heart beats
He hears your heart desires
He listens to your pleas and cries

He listens
God listens;
He is a dear father

He doesn’t just speaks and only want to be heard


Always remember that you are never forgotten and God is there to always listen. You may leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post. 


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