Living Below or Beyond?

One thing I have seen in my sojourn on this earth is that many people live below instead of living beyond.
They prefer to manage a very low income
They prefer to sit behind while their mates take the front row
They prefer to hate success than to work their way around it
They prefer to folds arms till poverty hit them like a plague

One thing I have also noticed is that It didn’t just suddenly start in the adult stage but it started right from the teenage and youthful years.

Living below starts from:
Having a poor mentality of Life;
Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
Allowing shallow thoughts rule one’s thinking
Having a wrong view of people
Having a wrong attitude to things around
Being exposed to a wrong environment and atmosphere

Many of the failed adults we have today weren’t really successfully teenagers or youths.

Living beyond is to be at the top of your game
To get it right and from an early stage;
To have a picture of one’s future engraved on one’s heart;
To consistently press towards achieving one’s goals and objectives.
Living beyond is to live for the good of humanity;
To live in Love towards God and mankind.

You need to assess yourself presently to know where you are headed, so that you can save your future before it’s finally lost.

Examine your environment, don’t let it mould you.
Examine your present state, don’t let it define you.
Examine your thoughts, don’t let it ride you down.
Examine your relationships, don’t let them overwhelm you.
Examine your paths, ensure they are lighted by the word of God.

You have to determine whether to Live Below or Beyond right from your early years, and the good news is, it’s still early enough today.

God bless you.

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