Teenagers and Trust

Adeola and Lizzy used to be very close friends. They both have been best of friends from the secondary school they attended. Whenever one of them is sighted somewhere, you can be sure the other isn’t far as well. As fate would have it, they both gained admission into the university the same year to study same course. Since they were close friends, Adeola and Lizzy stayed in the same room while at the university. Then the unexpected happened.

On a fateful Saturday morning, Adeola- a very good dancer- was in the room dancing while Lizzy was busy recording a life video as Adeola danced. When Adeola was tired and stopped dancing, she watched the video Lizzy had recorded and they both laughed as the video was very funny.

Adeola requested that the video be deleted because she was only in her underwear. She stated that the video was not safe on Lizzy’s phone because anyone could see it, which she would not be happy about. Lizzy promised to delete the video but that would be later because she enjoyed watching it, since it was funny.

Adeola made no further argument, thinking Lizzy would delete the video when she was done laughing, but she didn’t. She instead sent the video to her boyfriend intentionally.Lizzy’s boyfriend uploaded the video online and it went viral. Adeola knew nothing about all of this, only for her to start receiving calls from friends and family questioning and insulting her of her actions. Then she went online to confirm what she had been told; she found out it was true. Her image had been tarnished, and although the video was later deleted, the deal was done. Majority of Adeola’s friends had seen it.

Trust is the act of placing one’s confidence in and reliance on a person. A trustee is a confidant- someone a person confides in and keeps secret with.

As teens, we trust too easily. Teenagers mostly trust friends and colleagues more than their parents. Trust is very important in whatever we do. Adeola trusted Lizzy so much that she didn’t see the danger coming. Lizzy was trusted but betrayed the trust her friend had in her. If you have been trusted by someone, you should not betray such person no matter the condition.

Betraying others create wounds in their heart. A person like Adeola would find it very difficult to forgive such act. Therefore, before you choose someone as your confidant, there are certain things you should look out for in such person, some of which include:

  • Does the person fear GOD?
  • Is the person honest and truthful in his/her dealings?
  • Is the person judgmental or encouraging?
  • Is your secret safe with him/her?

Trust easily but very carefully.

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