The Excellent Student IV- Effects of Cheating

Cheating is the process of acting in a dishonest way to get advantage.

Cheating is common in this present world, it is evident and rampant in all works of Life, from academics to career fields and even in some religious settings.

Cheating devises many ways to cover its main aim which is dishonesty. Cheating to some is a way to get their rights or to secure their future.

Cheating may look harmless at sight but when caught, it brings shame.

Cheating may look cheap, but it makes one lose sense of worth.

Cheating may look easy at some point, but it downplays the good in hard work.

Cheating may seem to be the only available option, but it still rubbishes the importance of dignity.

As a student, here are some of the effects I have seen among students who engage in cheating:

  • It makes them lose focus
  • It lowers their worth
  • It makes them helpless when it fails
  • It always ends badly at some point

I once sat for a test in school and I got 0.5 out of 20 marks. I felt very dejected because I didn’t even know the questions at all. But when the final semester results came out, I got 74.5 as the final score.

I could have cheated during the test and scored a good mark for it, but I chose not to cheat. I rather channeled my focus into reading to pass the main examination.

If I’d cheated during the test, the determination to read extensively for the exam wouldn’t have been there. At the end of the day, I was happy for my result and proud of myself that I chose hard work.

Shun examination malpractice.
Be self independent
Be self reliant.
Be yourself.

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