Bed-wetting in Teenagers

When I was in JSS 3, I had a classmate who used to bed wet. She was 10years then and I can remember how the other girls in the hostel room smirked at her every morning.

  1. Holiday came and I heard another classmate of mine said urinating on a burning charcoal or wood will stop the child from urinating at night. When I heard this, I laughed in my head; I knew instantly that it was just a superstition.

Bed-wetting is not being able to control your pee at night. The medical name for not being able to control your pee is enuresis and it is sometimes called involuntary urination.

Nocturnal enuresis is an involuntary urination that happens at night while sleeping.

There are two kinds of bed-wetting.
The primary and the secondary.

Primary nocturnal enuresis is the condition whereby the child bed wet since he or she was a baby

Secondary enuresis is a condition that develops during an interval of 6 months or several years after an individual is grown to the stage of learning to controlling his or her bladder.

Causes or contributors to bed-wetting:

  • Hormonal problems
  • Genetics problems
  • Sleep patterns, for teenagers who sleep heavy, their brain cannot receive a signal from the bladder.
  • Caffeine intake
  • Constipation: the same muscles responsible for the control of urine is also responsible for the elimination of stool, so when constipation is long termed in a teenager, these muscles can be affected and can cause bed wetting at night.
  • Urinary tract infection: an infection can be held responsible for not being able to control and make unrination
  • Bed-wetting can also be related to a defect in the child’s neurological system or urinary system.

During summer, when perspiration is more, less urine is produced so the bladder does not get filled up.

In winter, or rainy season, the bladder is full and the individual wets his or her bed at night.

What are the Implications of Bed-wetting?

  1. If you bed wet, you get filled with guilt and embarrassment, which can lead to low self esteem.

  2. Limitations to your growth as a teenager. We are in a time where different camps for teenagers exist for their growth, in their careers, lifestyle or spiritual life. A teenager who bed wets would feel too shy to go for campings, lest he bed wets and shame himself at the camp.

How Do You Prevent Bed-wetting as a Teenager?

  1. First of all, put out your mindset on the fact that you have tried to stop the habit but it seems like it won’t stop.

  2. Work on your mind and settle your mind on the fact that you can wake up as dry as you slept.

  3. Go to the bathroom few minutes before bed.

  4. Cultivate the habit of having a regular bedtime.

  5. Make use of ‘potty method’, the only reason why some people bed wet is not because they can’t control their urine, rather they are either scared of opening their eyes, scared of walking in the dark night or alone to the bathroom. Having a potty by your bed side will be of great help.

  6. Avoid eating late in the evening, towards bed time. You have to avoid eating an hour to your bedtime.

I hope this helps?

At what age did you stop bed-wetting, how were you able to overcome it, how did you cope with the fact that you bed wet?

If you feel you can share your past experience, if you’ve been there before, or that of someone you know, please feel free. It might help someone struggling with this.

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2 thoughts on “Bed-wetting in Teenagers

  1. Thank you very much for this exposition.
    This is really a very important issue that needs to be addressed. Personally, I stopped bed wetting I think in my first year in school ( university ). Even at home, it was a big embarrassment I had to deal with.
    We need to carry this message round and make these young children feel strong because most of them have this low self esteem. They’re scared of going for holidays, teenage camp meetings etc.
    Thank you.

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