Living According to God’s Plan

For every building or structure, there’s always a plan drawn by an architect. When we see nice and beautiful buildings, we praise the architect behind it, likewise our lives. The best architect ever (God) drew the plan.

Imagine the plan of your life being drawn by the best architect that has ever existed. He built the world by Himself and everything in it is so beautiful.

The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, the moon comes up at night. The raining season and the dry season also comes at the appointed time.

The same God who made the earth and all its wonderful contents designed the plan of your life.

He didn’t assign it to even the angels, He did it Himself. And trust me, the plan was for you to make the world much more beautiful.

You are to add beauty to the world He has created. But the question is: Are you adding beauty to His world by walking according to His plans?

He’s planned your life before you were conceived in your mother womb Jer.1:6. From God’s plan, there is God’s will, God’s place, God’s time and there is God’s thing.

God’s will is God’s purpose and vision for you. He appointed you to earth for a purpose and to fulfill His purpose, you have to live in His vision.

God’s place has to do with your location and destination. The sun is in its place up in the skies, so is the moon as well. They were meant to be up in the skies and not on land. The water bodies are on land because of the way God has planned it and they are perfectly beautiful.

You should be where God want you to be at so that your life can be perfect and beautiful. Stop trying to be somewhere when it’s not God’s place for you to be.

Your life will be beautiful when you’re at God’s place.
God’s time has to do with the seasons God has planned for your life. The sun does not rise when it’s meant to set. Likewise the moon does not appear when it’s not its time yet.

Learn to wait patiently for God’s appointed time for things to happen in your life. Stop trying to force things to happen in your life, they will happen at their appointed time.

You should not be lazy either because it’s when you are busy trying that things falls in place.

When you are in walking according to God’s will, you will be at God’s place at God’s time, doing the right thing.

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