Honour Your Father

Yesterday was Father’s Day celebration, and I realized what it means to honour a father; what it means to make your father proud.

I have once written about my dad, I mentioned that he was not the man I thought he was. He wanted the best for me and did his best to make me a better person.

Pastor specifically talked about honouring our fathers yesterday and I understood from his words that for you to be a father, you need to respect and honour the father figures in your life.

Some teenagers never had a relationship with their fathers, not because of death, but because he was never there for them. I know that some children live in an unknown world, they don’t know their biological fathers. Some teenagers who live with their fathers live as though their fathers are dead.

Have you ever compared your father to your friends’ fathers?
Have you ever felt your father is not a good father to you and your siblings and a good husband to your mother?
Have you ever felt that your father hates you?
Perhaps, your mother is late, you have a step mum and your dad doesn’t seem to care about you anymore?

You see, all of the above does not and should not stop you from honouring your fathers.

Even the scriptures admonish us, children, to honour our parents, to respect them

If you don’t have a father role in your life, I should tell you.
Your father serves as a cover to your life, he is your protector. You may think he is not a good man, but he sees far beyond you can see.
You should trust the counsel of your father.

I realized in church yesterday, instead of comparing my dad to another man, I better pray for him.

Praying for your father goes a long way.
When he tells you to do something for him, obey him
Don’t ever nag about your father
Don’t lie to him
If you have never bought him a gift, buy him something. It can be a tie, sock, sandal, shirt, recharge card, a gift on his birthday.

Little things matter. One of my memorable days was the day I bought my dad a wristwatch for Christmas. He kept talking about it, even when his friends admire the wristwatch, he tells them with a smile that I bought it for him.

I am not making it compulsory for you to buy him a wristwatch. You can always call him. Make it a habit to thank him whenever he gives you something.

Certain mistakes teenagers make is that they don’t appreciate their parents, they feel it is not necessary since it is their father’s obligation to provide them, pay their school fees, etc.

Truly, it is their obligation, but you have to appreciate your parents. Honour them always.

Happy Father’s Day to every father out there!

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