You Are a Teenager Once in a Lifetime

There was a time when you were carried everywhere, a time when you moved by yourself while crawling and a time when you took your first step of movement with your legs. You love those years, right? Because you practically did nothing other than to cry and be fed. Everyone cared about you, no school, no house chores, no running of errands, no friend offending you and other things that happen to you now that you are a teen.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You only live once”. Do you know that you were a child once? You certainly can’t go back in time to when you were a child that was being carried everywhere. Likewise, you being a teenager will come only once in your lifetime. Once you outgrow being a teenager, you can’t go back to being one anymore.

There are old people today who wish they could go back to when they were a teenager to amend some of the decisions they made. But it’s unfortunate because that wish is impossible.

There is a reason why you are alive to grow to become a teenager, knowing that some of your birth mates are gone. This season of your life comes once and time waits for no man. There are countless decisions and actions you will make now which in turn affect your future in one way or another.

Being a teenager once in your lifetime, what do you intend to live it as? A truant in school, bullying others, disobedience to parents/teachers, immorality, hard drugs? Or you choose to live to add value to your life and eventually your future? The ball is in your court and the decision is yours to make. There are things you do as a teen that will make you not live your old years in regret.

If you have a life right now, know that it’s not because you deserve to have one but because there’s a reason for that life to still be yours.

It’s a privilege to be a teenager. Seize this opportunity to make an amazing piece from your life. Something to be proud of in a few years time.

You only live once. You are a teen once!

Live consciously today and make the best use of your teenage years.

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