This Thing Called Fear

Mr. David woke up this morning like he had been doing for the past eighteen years of his Life. He looked around his room, trying to take in the features.

His bed was intact, fan blowing well, his bulb shining bright and his phone quietly vibrating to notify him of the alarm set the previous night.

It flashed. Red… Red… Red curtains. Red car.

What could be wrong? His heart sank again days after his first car accident. He had been nervous to cross roads, his heart leaps every time he sees the red colour he saw before he landed in an hospital.

He doesn’t know what’s wrong. He had been so good at crossing roads. He had the confidence required to escape car accidents narrowly. But now, he is scared.

What’s wrong with him? Fear.

Fear that the next red car might hit him. Fear that the next driver might be as reckless as his callous neighbour. Fear that the next driver will not wait but run like a scared lady.

He is afraid. He is afraid of the unknown. He is afraid of what next.

Fear has crippled a lot of dreams. It has rendered people aimless and lazy. It has facilitated the burial of talents and skills.

When the lion roars, the deer runs. When the goat bleats, yam peels cry for help. And cats keep looking out for the next aimless rat.

But who makes the lion bow? Who scares the goat? Who shakes a bell and cats move aside? Man.

But what is Man to Fear? Faith.

Mr. David brushed his teeth, bathed and combed his hair. He was ready for work. This morning, he would enjoy himself. No more fear.

He faced the bathroom mirror before leaving, saying, I believe the accident happened for a reason. I believe I have learnt my lesson. I will pay attention now to the road, the vehicles, the personality behind the wheels.

That’s Faith. It might look foolish but that’s being proactive. You are not just sweating after a bad dream and running to see your friend who threatened you.

You are standing and saying, This is not mine.

Fear bows to Faith. Faith walks into a room and fear is gone. Faith is a conscious effort drawn from your knowledge of yourself.

Mr. David saw red and nothing happened. He smiled because there is nothing called fear.

Deal with fear in every way you can and face what comes your way. It won’t always be easy but you can do it. 

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