Before it Destroys You, Get it Right | by Popoola Ajibike Josephine

It is not just a Five letter word but a spirit. It is an emotional accident aiming to harm and destroy one’s physical and mental health. It empties one’s happiness, steals one’s Joy and makes one look like a psychiatric patient. The evil spirit-filled five letter word is “Anger”.

An angry person is a foolish person because when we are angry, we act foolish. Anger never makes one become a leader because only the wise become leaders. Moses, a man of God in the bible got angry and learnt his lesson when it was too late for him.

This five letter word is a ‘sin’ that creates a boundary between Man and God which also destroys the relationship between people around by hurting their feelings.

If anything bad is noticed in you, nobody will want to talk about it with you because they know you for your anger. Who is at loss? YOU.

True, we are not perfect and we are not Jesus Christ. Therefore, there are times when anger seems necessary, but when it is in excess, regret often follows. That’s if you still have a conscience and you know that what you did isn’t cool.

Although there are people who intentionally get angry at others, remember that “silence is the best answer for a fool”.

Why don’t you remain silent so you won’t regret your actions later and allow them remain fools?

You will find yourself not getting angry always, if you can:

  • Be tolerant: accept people around you for who they are, not who you want them to be.
  • Have self control: this is very important because it helps you to know when to react and when not to react.
  • Ignore/Erase peoples faults and forgive them: allow me remind you of the Lord’s prayer “Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us”.

When you don’t get angry easily, your anger will be respected and people will want to listen to you.

The Holy Spirit, our comforter, is always willing and ready to help us if we ask for his help whenever the flesh wants to take over. Ask Him to help you, He’s always at your service.
God bless.

About the Writer

Popoola AJibike Josephine is a 17 year old lady who loves impacting lives positively and who finds joy in helping teenagers like herself learn and grow. You can connect with her on Facebook: Ajibike Popoola

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