Let’s Discuss Humility

Asides humility being the antonym of Pride, many teenagers actually don’t have a detailed comprehension of what it really is.

So, what is humility? Humility is a disposition to be humble, a lack of false pride and the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.

One of the many reasons I was actually moved to write on this topic is the fact that countless of us teenagers have picked up pride to wear as clothes in the stead of humility. Many teenagers have become so presumptuous and condescending, such that people look like a crushed can of coke to them. They have this impaired mentality that nobody is better than they are, they feel things would never go right without their presence, they feel they come first before every other person, they don’t find sense in what other people have to say, they are self-possessed and believe they matter a great deal much more than any other person and so they give people anything, anyhow.

Humility is an essential quality you must possess as a teenager if you have a goal to achieve.

Jesus, the acclaimed greatest person who ever lived is a flawless example of humility. He is the son of God, he sits beside the king of kings, he is the first heir of the greatest kingdom in heaven and on earth. If you are familiar with your bible, you can tell how magnificent, alluring and glorious the kingdom of heaven is. How prestigious Jesus must have felt about himself being the only son of the creator of all things. But Jesus didn’t act his status when he was in the world.

The genesis of his human life was so low that he was delivered in an untidy and disorganized manger. It wasn’t like God couldn’t cause his mother to give birth to him in the finest clinic in the whole of the country, he could. Jesus was that humble. How could a God agree to be born of a man? How could a sinless man pay for the sins of sinful men? Men, who despite that, still abused him?

He brought himself down to the level of men, he mingled with sinners, he submitted to earthly authorities, he was so respectful that he didn’t need to show off his royalty before helping his earthly father with his carpentry works. A God for that matter. This is the greatest example of humility ever.

I have this senior friend, she is exceptionally brilliant and smart, she’s from a great home. I don’t know your definition of wealth but trust me, her parents are very qualified to be called wealthy. Regardless, this girl’s level of humility is beyond words. The way she brings herself down when dealing with calibers of people is perfect for emulation. She is actually a resident doctor: I am even not a University sophomore yet, but she talks and laughs with me as if we were mates. She’s in her early 20’s and has a medical degree already. At least, you’d agree with me that this is worth lifting shoulders about, but she doesn’t. I have no doubt that this is why she keeps walking in high places.

For God is a promoter of the humble and a demoter of the proud.

It takes humility to see that people are people and that no matter the level of success you’ve attained or the achievements you have made, you should never haughtily place yourself over others. Don’t feel too special, don’t show off, don’t allow success get in your head, be humble.

Can I tell you something? To think there’s no one like you in the world is a handsome lie. There are people like you, there are people better than you, it is only God who doesn’t have a replicate. This is not to deter the fact that you are still unique in your own way.

Don’t ever think certain things wouldn’t be done without you, just quit and watch thousands of better people step in to get the job done in a grand way. Even the people you think less of, would do very well than you think you can. Don’t be complacent. You are not as big as you feel. Be humble.

Your Daddy might be the president of Nigeria, you might be attending the best school in the whole world, you might have tons of the latest brands and you might have been born with a silver spoon. Great! But hey, calm down, bring your shoulders down, that’s not a reason for you to open your mouth and say cruel words to someone whose dad drives a cab to make ends meet. They may not have what you have today, it doesn’t mean they can’t have more than you do tomorrow.

Be nice to everyone and don’t oppress people, because any act of pride is a spear in the chest of people who are less privileged than you are today.

I think you should somehow think about karma. A maid today can be a boss tomorrow.

Now, because you are the best student in your class, you look down on average students. You giggle at every wrong answer they say in class or you laugh at them when they share the score sheet. If you’re not very careful, you may be looking up to them in a matter of few years time. Nothing is just permanent. Be humble.

Throughout the Bible, you would see dozens of scriptures where God forbids the proud, He hates the proud, he resists the proud, he stops them from shinning. So you can see that you can only flaunt around with pride for a while, because God is coming to resist you, and when God resists, the aftermath is always an ugly scenario. God loves the humble, he loves people who have acquired great things but still choose to be submissive, regardless. That’s why the scripture says he lifts the humble and disgraces the proud (Matt 23:12).

No proud boy/girl goes too far in life, the people who are blazing trails in the world, the people who are taking territories in the globe, the people who are topping the peak in their careers are the people who have imbibed humility. Yeah, you can have your class. But then you have to be nice and low spirited when relating with anybody. A nobody today could become somebody tomorrow

If you’re humble, you will be celebrated. If you’re proud, you will be humiliated

Forget humility and you will be saying bye to good success.

See you at the top!

Ready to pull off that garment of pride today? It’s never too late!
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3 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss Humility

  1. Hey! Cool post! 🙂

    I believe is something fairly rare these days. Especially amongst millennials.

    To me, humility is the ultimate game! Its so powerful and quite instinctively, people want to help us more and support us a little more if we present ourselves in a humble way.

    In fact, it could almost be regarded as persuasion tactic, especially considering that false pride and arrogance is everywhere.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Perhaps you will enjoy my article on millennials how parenting strategies have raised a generation that is the complete opposite of humble – may fit your interests 🙂


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