My Phone: My Own To Control

My phone is small but dope
It does all that I want and more
Though I operate it even in church
I am sure a lot of functions lies untouched

Sometimes, I spend hours using it
On Twitter, I type a comment and tweet
On IG, I like a post because it’s lit
On Snapchat, I pout even though it’s not lit

Hours on WhatsApp catching up with friends
Some, my emojis and short forms may offend
Some, their statuses show that they pretend
And some slide into my DM when there are new trends

I watch films and even cinema dubs
Some, very boring, after the first scene. I snub
Some, they speak profanities and smoke in the club
And one, Lion King, a Simba grows from a cub

I ignore my phone when I have no data;
I’m forced to pick Zoo 116 and focus on Invertebrata
At this point, I brood on my life in strata,
And then, I focus on the offline girl who calls me Broda

In the morning, I have no time for the Lord
I switch on my phone to check who won the AMVCA Award
I set out for the day, on my own accord,
When the day ends, retweets and mentions are my reward

One day, I view a website which has a virus
Oh! A few minutes before, I had decided to be serious
To pay attention to my books and not Miley Cyrus
And love God instead of a film called Genius

Now, I know I am wrong
My phone, I made a God
Now, I will go to church and not try to belong
Maybe in my spare time, I can write a song
To God, who made me his son.

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