How to Start Right

A lot of write-ups has been coming up on how to get the best out of 2019.
I hope you have not just been reading but have been applying the basic and necessary things needed to have a fulfilled year?

In this post, I would be making a little clarification on the theme above ‘Starting right’. Starting right does not imply starting good or starting well. It is possible for a thing to be good, in fact, it can be the best but not right.

For instance, a senior secondary school student of 18years that has a plan to give her parents a grandchild before the end of the year just because she’s the only child and she knows her parent are in dire need of another kid.

Or a young child that plans to take what does not belong to him, without the owner’s consent, to give to a needy.

As good as their motives may be, it doesn’t seem right to be done.

Because it is good and well accepted in the society you live in might not make it right.
Because it looks like you’re helping someone else out doesn’t make it right.
Because it is benefitting to you and the people around you does not make it right.

I believe a lot of people have many good, wonderful and mind-blowing things they have in mind to execute or achieve this year but the main question is: are they the right things for you to do at a time like this.

On setting goals and what your goals for the year should be made of, something very important to be noted is that goals must be SMART. That is, it must be:
Time Bound

The fact that the goals are fulfilling an aspect of SMART might still in a way not guarantee it is right.

What makes a thing right is not its general acceptability by people. It is not because it is a common trend, nor because it can be easily achieved.

What makes it right is that it adds value to you, edifies you, and not in any way defiling or devaluing you and it glorifies your creator.

Anything you do or any plan you have that produces the opposite is not right.

Don’t focus on the starting good or starting well alone, make sure you are starting right and keep living right!

How have you been living the year so far? How do you intend to do things the right way this year? Do share in the comments below.

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