You need someone | by Omolara Ogunmodede

I’d always thought living your life all by your self was the best thing to do. It keeps you outta unnecessary trouble, no one gets the chance to provoke you or step on your toes, you can do things your way without anyone questioning you. I stopped by the meat market on my way home. While haggling with the butcher on the price of the meat, a middle aged woman came to him and requested for her long overdue money. He tried calming her down but to no avail. Within a short moment, she rained down lots of insults and curses on him. To my surprise, his fellow butchers asked for the amount he owed, contributed it amidst themselves and paid it almost immediately. That act really caught my attention. I didn’t bother bargaining with the man again; I bought the meat and told him to keep the change.

While driving back home, the scene kept replaying in my head. What if I was caught up in that situation, who would rally around me? I had no friends, I was a loner. I came to realise that no human can make an island alone. You need people around to lift you up when you fall, people to throw you down to make you a better you, people to step on your toes so you can tolerate others, people to get you angry so you can have self-control. Friends and people are necessary devils that can make or mar you. Choose the good ones, for the bad ones, leave them if you can’t beat them. Don’t JOIN them.

About the Writer

I am Omolara Ogunmodede, God lover, baker, and photographer. I archive my writings at

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