Love is not all there is to Life

You being in a relationship is not your happy place. You might feel happy, but just know that it is temporary. Your flesh knows what your spirit wants. You were designed to love God unconditionally, emotionally and to have an intimate relationship with God. When God sees that your relationship with your significant other keeps shooing you away from his presence, he causes the storm to come, not because He does not love you, but because He wants to fellowship with you intimately and without any obstructions.

He wants you to know that you do not need anyone to be happy apart from Him. When God loves you, He shields you from every unwanted omen that will destroy your future.

Love is beautiful, but that is not where your happiness should come from. Your happiness should come from you discovering your place in Christ. If you know that your relationship is not reflecting Jesus in any form, then you are merely walking. If your relationship is based on compromises, then you are still sleeping. The best decision you can give your partner is to call it quit when you both keep dragging each other down.
The truth is, love is not all you have to feel. You need to grow first, as you cannot keep offering empty insight in the relationship.

Most times, we do not see the reason behind why God allow our hearts to be broken, we do not see the motive because we are still blind. We are still allowing what we feel to get in the way. Our emotions become knotted and we start to blame God for the reason why he has chosen to hurt us by taking away what has made us who we were.

But that is the problem, God does not want you to think that a relationship made you a better or worse person.

God does not share his glory, He wants it all. I am not saying that God does not want you to have a good relationship or try to stop you from being with that person that makes you happy, God wants that for you.

But God knows that you are so much more, that is why he has chosen first for you to discover who you are. He does not want you to be hidden in the umbrella of love, He wants you to achieve and to be who you are really called to be. He wants you to strive and be strong. He wants you to grow and to learn. He wants to purify your soul, that your life is the reflection of his spirit.

You cannot keep dating a guy that is sleeping with you and say he is a God fearing child. Come on, that is a lie of the devil. You know within your spirit that it is not right because that is the conviction of the Holy spirit in you.

Stop bending your principles for things that will fade away.

You can choose to stop if you are really determined, because when you choose to allow God into your heart, ask him for strength and He will uphold you with it.

Relationship is not where you plan for your future as you cannot keep dragging your significant other down. Do not go into marriage or a relationship feeling that is where your purpose is, because you will definitely become angry, frustrated and depressed if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Relationship is not like going into the market and picking whatever you like and think it is the perfect thing you need. Relationship that is not God based is still on a faithless zone. If your partner loves you, when you say No, then that is it.

In fact I feel no one should date when marriage is not around the corner because you cannot date someone for too long without having to compromise your belief by saying “my partner has tried, I need to complement Him/Her with my body”

Who says your body is for rewards? Or for bonuses? Who says you have to see your body with your little minds? Who says that?

A little piece of you would have to be sold out if all you do with your body is to give a good sentiments for a job well done. If are still feeling like sex is no big deal, my dear wake up from your slumber. I tell you, you can do without it. It is just your mind that is programmed into thinking you cannot do with it. If you chose to discipline it, you can survive it. Women in prison are still alive and most celibate are still alive.

You can cut out that toxic relationship. If all it does it to keep robbing you of your peace with Christ.

To some, I’m yawning gibberish and I’m talking just talks. I hope you will realize how much God loves you. He is willing to start all over with you again, just as he did with the harlot. You can be a virgin again in Christ.

No one can respect your body for you, you are the only one who can.

Please, you can start all over with Jesus as his love for you has never decreased even when you lived in the flesh.

Being single is not a thing to be ashamed of. It is the time to discover yourself, because you start to think and plan for two.

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