How to Make the Best of your Summer Break

Holidays are for enjoyment, visitations and summer classes, and the period where you get to spend enough time with your parents and siblings. If you ask some teenagers how they intend spending their holidays, you’d be surprised at the response. A random teen would rather want to have all the fun on earth, but what’s next after that?  You resume back to school and nothing changes about you?

The Summer break is the best time to groom yourself for a new phase. By September, everyone would be in a new class, new set of uniform, new friends and a new goal. How then do you intend achieving something great in this new phase.

It doesn’t matter if you would spend the break traveling or in a summer class, rather what you occupy yourself with during the holiday.

Here are few tips that can help you:

1. Get an idea of what your new class is all about.

For example, if you are to resume into SS1 by September, you should get acquainted with the subjects you will offer. Browse the Internet to ask what Biology entails, solve maths equations. Doing this it will give you an edge over your mates.

If you will also gain admission into a higher institution, get to know more about the school, ask questions about your course. Remember the first step to achieve success is to plan well. Same thing applies if you’re entering a new session or semester in School.

2. Live beyond the horizon

The summer break happens yearly, and you likely repeat the same activities too. You might be the kind of person who travels to distant relatives, yet this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live beyond the horizon. Your activities are what make the difference. Challenge yourself, do something different this year, read books on self development, talk to intelligent people, write about the places you visit, ask questions and likely do research on them. Don’t just go to grandma’s place without knowing anything about the place.

3. Learn new things

Learning is continuous, so try to learn new things everyday. This is the best time to learn to cook, wash, and do a lot of things. Perhaps you attend a boarding school, and you can’t cook certain delicacies, you should learn that. If you have a talent, or passion, go for it and learn more on it.

4. Save your time and money

This is a time you get to enjoy goodies from family and friends, when are given a token of money, save it.

Don’t consume your time on irrelevant things, if you have no business on the Internet, don’t spend a whole day liking and commenting on people’s post. You can rather visit websites and feed your mind on things that will add value to your life. Read, pray and spend time with your family.

5. Set a goal for yourself

A lot of us do not know what it means to have a goal, a goal is something you are looking forward to achieve.

You’ll probably be an undergraduate in a few months time, but yet to set goals for yourself? Don’t just be happy about a new phase, and forget to prepare. It doesn’t work that way, don’t be too carried away with the fact that you would be out of secondary the coming year. Prepare, just like I mentioned in my first point, have an idea of your new phase, so you can work towards it.

Don’t only set a goal for your academics, do that also for your spiritual, career and other aspect of life.

Every teenager enjoys the summer break, and at times pray it doesn’t come to an end, yet it would end one day. When it ends, what happens? While you enjoy the trips and the camps, also prepare for a new phase.

Cheers. Enjoy your holiday!

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