5 Questions I Ask Myself When I start Losing Focus

Many times, I get distracted from work, either by thoughts or external factors. Which ever one, I find myself fixing my eyes on another object rather than the bull’s eyes.

It was 8 months ago, we screamed happy new year with joy in our heart, made resolutions and prepared for the year.

The big question now is how far have you gone with your plans?

How well have I accomplished mine also?

Earlier this year, I had a proposition to fulfill before the end of the year. I got frustrated at the first quarter and stopped working towards my goals.

I later realized I was leaving an unfulfilled life due to my frustration, which gave me a setback. In summary, I lost my focus.

I sat down and talked to myself, I felt my inner mind and knew if I could focus more on my goals, I would be happy. I turned to a new page in my journal and wrote these questions:

1. Why Did I Stop?

After the short conference with my inner man, I was forced to ask why I stopped. At the beginning of the year, I started something and it worked out, but stopped in the fourth month.

So, why did I stop?

I stared at my imaginative self and demanded an answer. I stopped because I allowed my mind to stop working. Success and failure are by-products of the mind. The effectiveness of the mind is what brings out our productivity.

Still analyzing why I stopped, I observed the number of bad thoughts I had swallowed up in my mind.

“You can’t do it”

“There are so many people out there and they better than you”

These words sank into my heart. My mind did not stop working on its own, it definitely stopped working because it got engrossed in my negative thoughts.

2. Who Are Those Benefiting From Me?

It does not matter how old you are. You can be someone’s benefactor. You are a motivational writer and speaker, and you feel you are not as good as others, because nobody appreciates you.

Truth be told, there is someone out there who appreciates your write-ups. This is one question I keep asking myself on daily basis, especially when I am intimated and frustrated.

3. Do I Have a Passion For It?

We have passions and desires. I love to write, read but I am bad at seeing movies, dancing and singing.

There are so many times I get intimated when someone does something I can’t do. The truth is, I don’t have a passion for it. You don’t have to learn how to tie Gele (head gear) or bead making because your friend who does it gets a high pay. If you don’t love it, then don’t venture into it.

I ask myself all over again, I could start something because of circumstances, or because I feel intimidated, trying to please those around me, yet do I have passion for it? This affects me, I get wearied, and distracted.

I have passion to help people, I serve humanity. When I get distracted  or frustrated at work, my passion and desires keeps me going.

4. Does It Align With My Purpose?

God has sent you to earth to dominate it, glorify his name and bring sinners to his fold. If you know your purpose, you would not be carried away by the tides of men. If your purpose has to do with song ministrations, I see no reason why you should go into sports.

When I see myself losing focus, I checkmate that proposition with my purpose. If it matches, then I know I need to work on myself to achieve success and if not, I have to let go.

5. What Is God Saying About It?

God to me is not just the supreme being. He is a friend and lover. So many times, I have tried a lot of things against his will. I didn’t tell him about my plans, I just make them and if it is beautiful, I go for it.

However, in the long run, I get affected because something went wrong and I have to run back to him for help.

If God was never involved in that proposal, he would likely stay out of the contract. I know it might be hard for us to digest, yet it is essential.

The Bible says Men ought to pray, and not to faint. Prayer is a means to communicate with the father.

You have tried JAMB couple of times, failed getting admission due to cut off marks embargo. Have you tried asking God what he wants you to do?

We have a greater advantage now that we are young, you can inform God about your plans better.

These are questions I ask myself and they have helped me out by making my year productive.

You can write down these questions in a journal or a note, then find answers to them.

Much love!

I hope you got something from this?

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