Jesus, Our Example

Young people, you may sometimes feel as though your parents do not understand you. Neither did Jesus’ parents understood him.

You may sometimes have difficulty overlooking your parents’ flaws. But imagine what it was like for Jesus, who was absolutely perfect to have parents who weren’t.

Every day would be an occasion for offense and fault-finding, if Jesus had wanted to criticize his parents.

But here’s this remarkable statement about Jesus: “he was subject to his parents.”

Regardless of their failures and their inability to fully understand him, Jesus obeyed and honored his parents!

What about you? Are you listening to your friends or are you looking at Jesus? Are you following the crowd, or are you respecting your parents?

If Jesus voluntarily submitted himself to the leadership of his flawed and sinful parents, what possible excuse could you give for disregarding your own parents?

If Jesus could overlook his parents faults, when he had none himself, how much more should you able to forgive and overlook your parents’ failings?

Every human being is by nature self-centered or self-exalting. We always want people to speak well and think well of us. We hunger for the compliments and admiration of others. But we should always remember that all these things do not define us, so even when we don’t get them, we should still live a worthy life.

Think about Jesus who is our example, and see how he lived an exemplary life despite what went on around him and the little cheers he got.

Be encouraged today! Be who you want to be!

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