How Do You Define Life?

How would you define life? Or putting it more appropriately, what do life and living mean to you?

Life has been defined by various scholars and each stated his/her own opinion of what life was to them at that moment. Some said life is a journey, someone else said life is not a bed of roses; someone also said life is a teacher. Life is this and life is that…but what would you define life as? Would you define it as the kind of costumes and fashion sense that you have? Or is life all about that money in your bank account? Probably, life is defined by your accomplishments and achievements? Would you view life based on the trials and challenges you encounter?

If life is about the costumes and fashion sense you have, take a minute and see what fashion has become. Fashion keeps changing, which means you will have to keep adding goods to your fashion bank which might lead to frustration and satisfaction.
If life is all about the money in your account, then what happens when the money is gone. Does life end? And if you define life as the amazing achievements and accomplishments, what happens when they you no longer receive awards? And if you define life by your challenges and trials, trust me, it will soon be blown away.

Therefore, what should define life?

  • GOD
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Goals
  • Dreams

Living a life without purpose, dreams, goals and a vision is a life without life.

One thing about these things is that they make you live life meaningfully and they don’t fade away unlike the other examples above.

Choose your definition of life responsibly!
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