Effective Communication

Communication is the process by which a message or information is passed from one end to another with the message being properly understood and a feedback is given. It is a two-way process because the information being passed must be understood both by the sender and the receiver in a mutual language both will understand.

For effective communication to take place, it must involve at least two people, locations or points, and a feedback mechanism must be put in place.

So, have you been communicating effectively? How have you been communicating your needs, wants, emotions, hurts, happiness, burdens, expectations among others

A baby needs attention, he cries and his need is quickly attended to, whereas a young boy with needs can be misconceived if he opts to use crying as his own means of communication.

A young schoolboy fails a test at school and cries all the way home and he’s being comforted to take heart, but a young man falls below average according to the semester’s results, he dares not shed tears lest he is seen as a weak fellow.

A pupil passes all his exams, and his wish is to have a packet of chocolate or bicycle as a gift for his feat, while a graduating student’s expectations for being overall best is a fat paycheck.

Similar needs, different methods of seeking help. Similar situations, different approach.

Don’t you think it’s time you evaluated your method of communication?

To communicate whatever issues you may be having as a teenager, have you taken time to check if your method will be accepted and understood?

Remember that a communication is only authentic when it’s been received, accepted, and responded to.

Communicate effectively today!

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