Inner and Outer Beauty!

A beautiful heart is what really determines a person’s beauty. Love contributes immensely to growth and happiness. Wherever there’s love, there surely would be beauty that never fades. God alone can beautify your life, not material things, not human, not vain words. I am a testimony of that, He can beautify yours too! … More Inner and Outer Beauty!


Friends You Need to Trim and Why

To move forward this new year and make impact, trim those friends that won’t help your life. Don’t feel bad about trimming friends, there are lots of people in the world you can be friends with. Don’t stick to a friend that’s not worth it, like that’s all there is to life. … More Friends You Need to Trim and Why

Why you Shouldn’t Rush into a Relationship

Relationship is the connection or association of two or more people, and there are different kinds of relationship in teenagers. We have that of siblings, parents, friends of either same or opposite sex, lovers and others. Right now, I’m focusing on the lovers relationship. Relationship is not something to be rushed into, so you don’t rush … More Why you Shouldn’t Rush into a Relationship

Reasons to Create a Close Bond with your Siblings

Definition of key terms: To create a close bond is to form an intimate clique or be in a close relationship with someone. Your sibling is someone who shares a parent with you; your brother or sister. By bringing together the two key terms, it means to create and practice an intimate relationship with one’s … More Reasons to Create a Close Bond with your Siblings

5 Challenges Successful People Overcome

“Successful people see challenges to embrace and overcome where others see impenetrable barriers”- Travis Bradberry Successful people face challenges the most but not allowing it hold  them down is what makes them a success. Maintaining the mindset of a successful person as beautiful as it may seem is not always easy. Successful people overcome a … More 5 Challenges Successful People Overcome