Why You Should Always Take Naps

Taking a short nap helps the brain to be alert, as studies have found that a 40-minute nap increases alertness by 100%. Napping also improves your memory retention, helps to revitalize and makes one more productive for the rest of the day. … More Why You Should Always Take Naps


The Beauty in Being Yourself

you need to know that there is beauty in being yourself.

No one is perfect, but you should not take that as an excuse to get stuck with a bad habit. Be open to corrections to facilitate growth. And never degrade yourself or see yourself as inferior to anybody … More The Beauty in Being Yourself

Don’t Awake Love Until It Is Time

To everything
There is a time and season

A time to live
A time to die
A time to gather
A time to cast away
A time to talk
A time to remain quiet

So is there a time for everything
You do as a teenager

There was a time when you were a baby
Mummy fed you
Daddy carried you
You rode piggyback on uncle
Aunty bought you lots of sweets

That time passed and now
Adolescence sets in
Those hormones start working
And you feel like
You have arrived
Mummy said
You became stubborn
But you are only
“Responding to those hormones”
You started seeing the red blood

And your shoulders are growing broader
You now use lip gloss
And you now wear jean

But don’t forget that right timing
Is crucial despite the seeming “maturity”

Don’t forget that when you eat your
Dinner in the afternoon
You have to sleep without food
At night

Dear teenager, there is a time for everything you do. Although, it might feel like you are the most beautiful girl around now who the guys are after, or it seems like you are the Boy Crush Everyday for all the girls in your class. It is important that you are discerning and do the right thing at the right time.

Love from Kinsha

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