You Can Still Win

I need you to stand firm, embrace yourself, nobody has a perfect journey, even Christ had struggles. Remember, he cried and prayed, wishing that he would not die. To be honest, I have my own struggles, family, relationship, goals, work. I wake up seeing my struggles stare at me each day, they move all around with me, but that would not make me give up on life. Have you ever thought of those who look up to you even in your failure?
You are unique, and extraordinary … More You Can Still Win


Letter to My Childhood 

When I call your name, I hear echoes of it several times, it scares me, then I run out embracing adulthood. Still imbalanced between responsibilities and growth. Why do I have so many responsibilities as a young adult? Why do everyone around look up to me for something? I was tired of being scolded and corrected, forgetting that I am an adult, I figured out I could be happy like I was with you. … More Letter to My Childhood 

Letter to Marco 

Values depreciate, flowers get wilted I knew not that you saw me as cheap and gullible When will you ever stop lying to me? When will things change? Things can never be normal if you keep lying and deceiving me…. Our relationship then started with trust, love, understanding and everything good one could think of, But … More Letter to Marco 

A 16yr old girl takes to her Facebook page, a letter to the 16th she’s about leaving behind

Akinleye Temiloluwa, a 16 year old, shares with her Facebook friends what it feels like to be sixteen, and the wonderful things she has learnt in the past one year. It appears her birthday is just around the corner and she can’t just keep calm to be 17! Aww Read her post below   Diary … More A 16yr old girl takes to her Facebook page, a letter to the 16th she’s about leaving behind

Letter to All Struggling Girls

Being pretty is not the drill anymore; putting your value weigh much more than the easy route offered to you by a guy’s hard-earned money. As girls challenges will come, disappointments, trust me even hardship but you have to be self-confident about everything. You have to learn how to stay busy even if there’s nothing to be done. On this road to success, you will have heart breaks, but remember to keep thriving hard no matter the gallops in the road… … More Letter to All Struggling Girls