A Relationship with God First

If you do not have a relationship with God, you will continue to live your life guessing. “Should I do this or can I try that?” will be the outcome of a life that doesn’t hear from God. God won’t come to your ears shouting and speaking like a tornado, He comes through in a way that you can only understand if you maintain a relationship with him.

A relationship is not a one-sided thing, it involved two people trying to make things work.

I want you to know God is a person and he deserves to be known and to be given a chance to in our lives.

Psalms 127
[1]Unless the lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.

Of what use will it be to live a life without guidance? Imagine entering the exam hall without reading or preparing for the course or subject you are about to write – you will begin to see the ceiling as an important case study.

I could call having a relationship with God as a cheat to life.

Imagine your teacher coming into the class to give you an important Area of Concentration (A O C) but God is more than that. He doesn’t want you to compete with the rest of your classmates like it was supposed to be. He wants the best for you and you can have it, as soon as you begin to comprehend that only with God are all things meant to be possible.

You can see how genuine His love is, when He said even when it is too hard, cast your cares and burdens unto me.

Having a relationship with God is for your benefit, your growth; it is a guide to this rocky life. A relationship with God is a plus. He speaks to those who opens their hearts to him. He heals, He teach, He reprimands you and care so much about every details of your life because you have chosen not to see Him as a caretaker but as a friend.

Having a relationship with God first helps you break unhealthy habits, helps you in the choices you make and prevents you from making a bad decision. It is an acceleration of your God-ordained plans and vision. It is a readily available tool to push you towards your dream and goal.

If you don’t learn to put your relationship with God first, you will continue to build a house He didn’t approve. A foundation that is weak is more feeble than a house built on the sea.

A relationship with God is strictly for your benefits but you must put in the work. Make an effort to get to see God’s amazing side.

What you don’t care about makes no sense to you. A relationship where you don’t invest your time and emotions in means nothing to you and that relationship can never work.

God is not an angry old man. He can be to you who you want Him to be. When someone hurts you, He will be your God of Vengeance. When you feel unloved, He has loved you even before you were formed. I mean, He is too kind. Often times, I marvel at His efficacy and I wonder why so many people are missing out.

Only a fool will say that there is no God (Psalm 14:1). But I will like to add by saying that only a Bigger Fool will know that there is a God and choose to know him from afar.

Give God a chance. You do not need to shout, raise voices, or scream to get God’s attention. He is not too vain.

  • When you are hurt, tell him.
  • When you feel disappointed, tell him.
  • When you feel cheated, tell him.
  • When you feel so happy, tell him.
  • When your heart is broken, tell him.
  • When you meet someone you like, tell him

He is very interested. If God can know the number of hair on your head, taking his time to number them faithfully, trust me, he is very interested in you. Let God be your best Friend, your gist partner. You do not have to worry about your words going out, He is that secure.

A relationship with God is a commitment to know yourself better because he keeps telling you the truth and purifying your bad habits. He shows you where you are wrong and gives you the ability and the strength to be the better version of yourself. He corrects you with love. Though you will be strong-headed, he still corrects you, patiently waiting that you see reasons.

A relationship with God will birth new reasoning with you. You start to think differently.

You know that saying, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”? You cannot associate with God and think small. The bible says, Iron sharpens iron. Like minds attract each other. He is a God of sound mind and you begin to follow in that order. You begin to change the way you speak and how you reason or the kind of conversations you contribute in.

A relationship with God is a break in the ordinary. You begin to flow in the supernatural. You will stop struggling academically because divine insight and direction is yours. He tells you what to do.

A relationship with God is a commandment.

The bible says you must love your God with all your mind, heart and your soul. You can check Matthew 22:37-39. It is a commandment and those who work in line with this never regret it.

Give God a chance. Get to know him more than your regular Sunday activities. Everything about God is for your benefit. Hallelujah!

Let this inspire you to be deliberate about your relationship with God and always learn to put him first.

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