A Relationship with the Lover of My Soul

It was the first day of a new session, it took all the energy I had to prepare for school that morning.

The holiday break didn’t end too well for me. I couldn’t be surprised; I was single, and lonely.

“Vanessa”, I heard someone call my name, leaning my head backwards,I caught a glimpse of Philip, the coolest boy in high school . Oh! What a smile, I thought. He caught up with me in no time and extended a flier towards me. For a minute, I could have sworn it was a love letter, not until my eyes caught it, “A date with Jesus”. I looked up and he was grinning at me. I wish I could wipe the smile off.

Why would Jesus want a date with me? It wasn’t like we were in a relationship. Then it dawned on me…

It’s amazing I have your attention now. You were probably expecting Philip in my short story to make a pass at Vanessa. Oh no! I got you!

“Have I not said to you? I and the father are one”.

Jesus is God in human form.
Why would you want to have a relationship?
How should you keep a relationship with Him?

I am sure these and many more are the questions flying in your head.

A relationship as defined as a connection between two or more people. It could be related by blood or otherwise. In today’s generation, relationships cannot be overemphasized. Boss to subordinates, parents, friends, colleagues, and so on.

But what is a relationship with God about? And what rank does it hold?

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Everyone created by the most high is entitled to a relationship. Yeah, the gist, walks, memories and everything with Him.

Surprised? No, don’t be. You can tell God about it all, you can take walks and feel His presence with you, and you can pen down your memories at how wonderful He has been, you could cry if you want. He will be ready to listen.

But then, if God is all out on maintaining a great relationship with you, how about you? Is the feeling mutual? Do you place God first? Or is it parasitic and you run to Him only in times of need?

You might say, “I love God so much but He’s not even physical, so how do I handle a relationship with Him?”.

Love Him with all your heart. Isn’t that the most important quality in a relationship ?

Acknowledge Him as the number one. He is above all, give yourself solely to Him, no cheating. Remember He says He’s a jealous God, aren’t you excited? He doesn’t want to share you, what greater feeling could you have?

Obey Him, it’s way better than sacrifice.

Let go of everything that doesn’t align with Him ,same way you do away with an ex when you get into a new relationship.

Fellowship with Him, communicate, He wants to listen. He really does want to, say it all to Him anyhow.

He wants a relationship with you because of the right reasons not because of stories that tell you about heaven or hell or assure you of the wealth at His disposal. He loves you and will love you till eternity.

Its amazing to want a rosy future with Him as a partner but He said “Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other thing will be added unto you”. Love Him first, He will provide every other thing you need. He knows it better.

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So, when you grieve at failed relationships with people or go extra miles and do crazy things, He groans for you. Because of you, his son came into the world and was sacrificed for your sins. He protects, provides, and still, you keep the love unrequited.

He loves you so much that He doesn’t keep an account of your sins. Every time you hurt, He’s hurting too.

So, every morning when you wake up, as He gives you His breath and you walk out on Him without a word, it hurts Him. When you are in difficulties and He makes a way but you go out to party instead, He’s hurting. And when you disobey Him, as you walk freely into sin, you nail His son to the cross again.

He wants you to dwell in His presence. He doesn’t care if you are battered. Your sins may be as red as crimson but He will make them like snow.

He wants all of you so you could have all of Him, no more loneliness, tears, or sorrow. It is all about love.

Yes, sometimes, challenges may arrive, you might just be at the end of the cliff but He’s there with you, waiting to grab you or teach you how to fly.

Its not mathematics that scares you so much or a puzzle that’s hard to figure out, it’s plainly your love and His love, voila! ,a relationship is birthed.

I love you but He loves you more, with an everlasting love.

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I hope this propels you to build a deliberate relationship with God.

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