Proper Techniques of Handling Academic Failure

Failure signifies that something had gone wrong somewhere. Failure is not the end of the world, rather it is the beginning of a fresh journey towards success. If you fail to learn from failure, you might as well not learn to be successful. Believe in yourself and know that you can still attain success. … More Proper Techniques of Handling Academic Failure


Exceeding Limits

Living beyond doesn’t involve just having an idea in your head, it has to do with bringing that idea into reality in a way different from the norm, it has to do with doing what others would not do because of the fear of failure or because of the size of the venture. And for you to do this, you need courage. … More Exceeding Limits

You Can Still Win

I need you to stand firm, embrace yourself, nobody has a perfect journey, even Christ had struggles. Remember, he cried and prayed, wishing that he would not die. To be honest, I have my own struggles, family, relationship, goals, work. I wake up seeing my struggles stare at me each day, they move all around with me, but that would not make me give up on life. Have you ever thought of those who look up to you even in your failure?
You are unique, and extraordinary … More You Can Still Win


Living in a world of fantasy Imagining life to be rosy Setting goals to be achieved Aspirations and thoughts Thinking life to be fair Straight and loyal It suddenly hits me Why me? Failure is certainly not for people like me I have never failed I never imagined failing It whispers slowly to me

Life’s Lessons Through My Years | by Amao Williams Praise

We are shouted at and told, “No! Get away from there! Stop that! Put that down!”. Physical punishment and the withholding of love, possibilities that scare us and make us feel insecure, often accompany these shouts and criticisms. We soon begin to believe that we are too small, too weak, incompetent, inadequate, and incapable of doing anything new or different. We express this feeling with the words, “I.can’t, I can’t, I can’t.”. The fear of failure is the primary reason for failure in teenagers life. As a result of destructive criticism in childhood, we hold ourselves back as teenagers. We sell ourselves short. … More Life’s Lessons Through My Years | by Amao Williams Praise