I stood on the mountain top far away, searching for something deeper than my soul itself. Longing for something profound within. Something far greater than my existence. Voluminous blue sky glancing  indistinct. Desiring balance for my unsettled being. Could this emptiness be real? Could there be any tranquility, other than the self achieved  valor? Could … More THE DEEP


My fear is appreciating people’s thought about who I am. Succumbing to the feeling of people’s opinion about myself. Trying to find where I belong in people’s smile. Wanting to please everyone despite the weight of unhappiness in me. Fighting for a spot in people’s heart, even though it is not vacant. Craving to stay … More Fear!

Praying Teenager

It is not an argument, it is not a necessity, or compulsory but it is mandatory. It is your sacred moment, where you need to allow your inner man take charge of you completely; where your flesh seems dead completely. It is that period, when you long for something deeper than all that it takes … More Praying Teenager


  That day when I finally get to have all the nicest things I have ever wanted. That day, when all my tiny little wishes would come through in my own little way. Now I feel different about it. No more clothes to sparkle the morning, Or new hair to make you feel brand new, … More CHRISTMAS

Love Found Me- Chapter Two

The night was one magical one I will live to remember. I blessed the taxi driver for coming so late, because of him I met my prince charming. All he knew was just my name, number and where I lived. I practically didn’t say much, because as dazed as I was, I did not find it comfortable talking about my past and family with someone who seem like nothing but cheer perfection… … More Love Found Me- Chapter Two