A Poem for Women on IWD2019 | by Solomon Emakwu


An embodiment of beauty, wisdom and strength
One whose beauty lies not in the Mary Kay that cakes her face
Neither does her wisdom lie in the way she combines dress colours
Nor does her strength lie solely on any man


One whose beauty transcends the foundation and mascara but lies in the natural gracefulness that she possesses
One whose wisdom lies in the way she defines herself and walks toward achieving her purpose, regardless of what the society might think or say
One whose strength lies in how effective she deals with others and helps them achieve their goals


Thou art virtuous!
Far above rubies art thy price!
Believe not less in thyself
Thou art wonderfully and carefully crafted by the Creator
Thou art awemazing!💞💞

Happy International Women’s Day to all women out there.

Solomon Emakwu
Solomon Emakwu

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