To Our Men🥂

In this part of our society, it feels more like our women are more valued and appreciated than the men. We end up having countless mother’s day, women’s day, International girls day and the rest in a year.

This is probably because their work towards the home and society at large is more visible but we can’t say the men also don’t contribute. Most times, we don’t see the work and struggles the men had to go through to be able to put food on our tables, to pay the bills and carry all of the responsibilities. Most times, we forget to count the sleepless nights they had or times they had to cry when no one was watching.

As a little child growing up, I thought my mother did all the work and had to take credit for it all, but now I am grown and I know better. Now I know that although men may not be seen through the world’s view as the “weaker vessel”, they still have their moments of weakness. They are men and yes, they are vulnerable.

So, this is to our fathers, brothers, husbands, role models and all the men out there. For your love, support, and encouragement. For being an agent of positive change, and for protecting us, we say THANK YOU. It might look like we don’t notice any of it, but we see it all.



One thought on “To Our Men🥂

  1. Indeed we can’t simply quantify or place value on women’s unrivalled effort towards building homes and that make the society. The sacrifice of nurturing and grooming young lives is worth celebrating.

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