Hurt, Fear and Insecurity Feelings

Insecurity feeling- a negative emotional feeling insinuating danger.

Clara was a victim of rape at age sixteen. Her parents tried all they could to help her get healed both physically and emotionally. She was subjected to both Psychotherapy and Counseling. They even had to relocate so she could stay away from the environment where the incident occurred.

Clara got into the university but, she was not completely healed. Even with all the treatments she had undergone. She felt comfortable only around ladies and not guys. She saw every guy as a potential rapist. Her best friend noticed this and also tried to help her after Clara had confided in her, but all was to no effect. Anytime Clara was around guys, there’s this fear that would come over her and she wouldn’t be able to concentrate any more. Clara was fine physically but emotionally, she was not feeling secure with guys. This means she had not completely let go of the past.

Insecurity could come as a result of different encounters in life. It could be as a result of teenage pregnancy whereby the teenage girl is faced with a lot of ridicule, gossips, friends deserting her and parents constant reminder of being a disappointment. It could also be in form of child abuse and violation of human right, academic failure and unfulfilled goals and ambitions.

But do you know that insecurity feeling could paralyze one’s movement into the future? Yes it could. Insecurity feeling keeps you in a cage where you would be restricted. You can handle that feeling of insecurity by taking these three steps:

1. Letting go of the past

Be 100% ready to forgive, forgive and keep forgiving until you forget.

2. Enjoying the present

Insecurity feeling would rob you of the joy that is in the present situation. It would blind you from seeing positive things that are around you. You should bring yourself to the realization that what is done is done and cannot be undone. This would help you live each day like there wouldn’t be tomorrow so you can enjoy the present.

3, Facing the future

The future is where the prize is. You need to focus on it in order to receive that prize. Insecurity feeling is a distraction on your way to sidetrack you. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to give in to that.

You can’t undo the past; at the same time, feeling insecure wouldn’t want you to make it into the future. Yes, I know it is not easy to let go but the freedom you will enjoy is nothing compared to your present situation.

This is not to waive the hurt that you may feel, but to encourage you to heal. It isn’t your fault that you are in this fix, but life can be better for you. Seek help where you can. You can see a therapist or a counselor to walk you through the path of healing.

I hope you live your best life and never succumb to the feeling of fear and insecurities.

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