Make It Count


Happy new year to you my dear reader, so happy to have you here with me in the journey of 2018.

I have resolved to using ten minutes daily to write something or whatever comes to my mind. Why did I decide on this, you may ask, the simple answer is that since I love writing more than just as an hobby, I must make it count this year. My energy and enthusiasm must be employed into it so as to become better in it.

You have been wondering what the acronym B.I.M.M.I.C means, well it stands for “Because It Matters, Make It Count”.

Writing articles to inspire the world matters to me asides my daily Job as a Military Man. I infact see it as my ministry, so why will I not make it count this year? Why will I not put more effort into it in order to break new records?.

Because writing Matters to me, Adeyeni Gabriel, I have decided to put in ten minutes of my daily time this year to make it blossom. Now, I may not be consistent with it all through the year, but if I can keep up with it for just a week, I can go on for a month and beyond.

What about you my dear friend?.
What matters to you?
What do you derive joy from?
What is your selling point?
If you know it, why not make it count this year?.

This year won’t be different from past years if you don’t sauce it up with new juices and spices. The juices and spices are determination and consistency, which are the key to success.

To make what you love to do count is to make this year count.
The year is not about the days, weeks and months but about what you do with them.

Because it matters to you, you can make it count.

Seek out what you love doing and make it count.
Seek that which you are comfortable with and make it count.
Seek that which is not too hard for you to achieve and make it count.

Remember “If it will take your time, ensure you make it count”.

Happy new year once again.

I hope you got something from this and willing to make the year count? You can leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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